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Been awhile since I've posted but as you know not a day goes by that we aren't thinking of the Big C! ugh. Its been 1 1/2 yrs since my last treatment. I've done 2 follow up appts then I lost my job and now have no health insurance.  So, I sit and wonder every day what these symptoms are.  Worrying is no good, I know but easier said than done with the "dont worry about it" phrase. My question is, how many experience blood in your stool, blood on the charmin, sometimes none at all for a month or so then all of the sudden its there and wow is it scary!  Is this "normal"  and this is a lot of info but I have a red painful rash looking business all around my anus. Sometimes it can be painful but most of the time its ok its just really bad looking, almost like a burn.  Just putting it out there.  I'm wishing evreyone a happy healthy New Year.  Peace & Love ~Jan 

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Hi Jan. Since you're unemployed and depending on your circumstances you might qualify for Medical Assistance. Call your local Department of Public Welfare. That's what they're there for. As for your nasty rash, the anal cancer survivors know much best and they will give you advice on that. Take care and blessings to you.
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I am over 9 years out and still occasionally have blood on the tissue! I know you must worry...and I wish you could get medical help - but it does not necessarily mean the Beast is Back.

Hugs to you!
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Hi Jan, I do experience occasional rectal bleeding after BM, usually when my stool is harder than usual. Have had check up and anoscopy and all seems to be ok. Developed hemorrhoid along with the AC so after treatment, hemorrhoid remains. Along with radiation damage to that area, the oncologist said that those were the reasons. Although it is reassuring to hear it from him, I still get nervous when I bleed. As for the rash, not sure what that could be but maybe sitz bath will help until u will be able to get it assessed and diagnosed. Hope that u will be able to get insurance soon. Please take care Jan
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The blood could be from a hemorrhoid. I have one that bleeds from time to time. The rash could be chronic radiation dermatitis, which was what I was diagnosed with just a few months ago. Here’s what “cured” that for me: I use Amazon Essentials sensitive baby wipes for wiping every day, combined with Aloe Vesta. No red anus any more! Mine was very itchy at the same time as burny, and drove me nuts. Several good folks on this site suggested what was my solution. The other thing you can try is Beaudreaulx’s Butt Paste. It’s essentially a diaper rash paste that is very soothing to an irritated behind. Good Luck Jan!
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I’m almost 6 years out and get some blood. As for the rash I get a constant yeast infection in the anal area due to the radiated skin. Try some monistat cream it may help or baking soda bath.
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Hi Jan. If you contact SS service, you will be helped with a medical coverage. Also if you call to a clinic and say that you are uninsured, I guess they will find some options for you. This bleeding may be related to post-radiation changes (if you got a radiation treatment) or something different. I would defenately check with MD. Hugs
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So sorry to hear about your job. I have times that I see blood also. It turns my stomach when I see it. I’m 2 years out. I know my skin around my anus is always changing. I’ve gone to the doctor so many times freaking out and he has always told me it’s radiation damage. I hope you find a job you love very soon with great insurance!!!! Hugs! 💙💙
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Hi Jan! I am 9 months since my last treatment & have thought about posting for the same question... blood on TP, in the toilet & on my poop. LOL! I had a f/up colonoscopy last month (no more cancer), but they removed 6 polyps (all fine) & I now have internal hemorrhoids & diverticulitis again. I had surgery in the 90's for internal hemorrhoids (in the hosp for a week) & 10 yrs ago had 12" of my sigmoid colon removed due to diverticulitis (in the hosp for a week). Now everything I had surgery for in the past IS BACK! I'm guessing all due to the radiation! I swore recovery from the hemorrhoid surgery was the worst pain I had ever been in, which is why I delayed going to the doctor when I was ultimately Dx'd with Stage 3B Anal Cancer. Now I know that radiation for anal cancer is WORSE!

I saw my surgeon in October & she attempted a finger exam, which was too painful for her to proceed. She could see it was still really red & irritated. She prescribed an ointment called "Nifedipine (PB) 0.2% ointment". I had to get it from a specialty pharmacy that could make it & it's not covered by insurance. But I got some great relief from it & feel that it actually put me on the road to recovery.

I hope you can get some sort of insurance to go see a doctor and see if they can prescribe some of this for you.
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Hi! I am almost 6 years post trx and I still have some bleeding. Typically it is from hard or urgent stool ... Also if area around anus is not super dooper clean the get irritation that causes light blood on the doc basically says my skin there is fried from radiation so very easily irritated/ bleed. I guess I would seek medical care for f I was seeing ongoing dark red blood ...but light bleeding once in a while seems to be pretty par for the course if you will.
Take care ❤️
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Hi Jan, Hope the health insurance situation changes for you soon, sorry~ I know that it is less than ideal. I'm almost 2 years post treatment and sometimes there is blood in my stool or on the toilet paper. I know this is part of the "new normal" but yes, I get a tiny freaked out everytime. Also, have your tried Aquaphor on your rash? Peace & Love to you!
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like others, I still get the blood spots. As long as it's fresh and not a lot it's just the bits of your gut which are scarred and dont stretch so well. I get a lot of skin problems, I've always had sudden allergic reactions to things and come out in a rash.The radiated skin is very dry and using a moisturising cream for eczema type rashes daily does help. Having said that I suddenly became allergic to the one I'd been using for 9 years a few months ago. Suddenly I applied it and it was like being set on fire! I'm now on nappy cream!
Losing your job doesnt help your confidence and resillience, try and keep active and spend time with friends as much as you can.
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So sorry to hear of the loss of your job and insurance. I hope that changes for you soon. I am over 11 years out of treatment and still have issues with bleeding sometimes, especially if I get constipated and have hard stools. It still makes me nervous. As for your rash, try some of the good suggestions others have given you. I hope something will give you relief. Given your situation, I would definitely check with any agencies that might be able to offer you some aid. I wish you all the very best.
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Hang in there. I use baby wipes all the time since treatment. Almost 2 years out I can wipe with tissue finally but I prefer wipes as they are more gentle and keep the area cleaner. I concur with everyone else’s comments about checking into Medicaid or other insurance (ACA!- loosing a job is a qualifying life event). Aloe vesta is awesome and works well. Sitz baths may give you some immediate relief but go get check out as much to ease your worry! Hugs!
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I was glad to see someone else posting this problem of bleeding. I'm cancer free since July 19, and just recently had this problem of bleeding,twice,when constipated. I did freak out about it also,but it only happens then. I see oncologist next week and will ask him about it.Other than that feeling good
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I too, get bleeding 5 years out. I get tears from bowel movements. Anything approaching normal causes me to bleed. Still, I freak out. My colo doc recommended Calmoseptine. You can get it on Amazon or at Costco pharmacy. Cheap and feels good, is a zinc ointment with phenol in it to make it feel better. Love the stuff!
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Sorry to hear about your job. I’m hoping there is something great waiting for you. Connect with me and let’s meet up for lunch. Sending hugs and hope.
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Hey friend. I got another job in Nov, no insurance yet but hopefully soon. What a beautiful morning here!! Enjoy! Hugs
Hi Jan i still the exact same thing. I've had the rash as well and got referred to a dermatologist. Moisturising the area every day or when necessary helps. Bleeding occurs when constipated. Im still trying to get it right and I’m 6 years out.
The bleeding seems to be a common side effect of radiation unfortunately.
Try not to worry and happy new year to you too.
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