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  1. I had (had, I'm using that word!) stage 3A anal cancer that had spread to a lymph node. I tried for almost a year to cure this myself with a strict diet and rick simpson oil (cannabis) but when it spread to the lymph node I decided I needed to take the plunge into a very scary place for me. (The cancer clinic!) I completed my treatments on July 27, 2018. Was so relieved to get back home and heal. . I had 30 radiation tretments and 5FU chemo with Mitomycin for the first week and the fifth week. I was really disappointed in my oncologist for telling me things like "your hair won't fall out", "you will not get sores in your mouth", "you will not experience any neuropathy in your hands and feet" ( you should see my cankles, they are the size of that big zucchini that you didn't find in the garden until the end of summer!) I had all of these not very pleasant side effects. I just wonder why she would fill me so full of false facts. She did change the dosage of the chemo on the second round but I experienced all of these side effects & still suffer with them except the mouth sores, those finally went away. (Cant wait to speak with her!). I am still very tired and weak. Pushing the vacuum is like trying to push a car! I guess I am really impatient with the healing process. I just want my life back but things will never be as they were, This has been a learning experience to say the least. I've never been sick & really never had anything to do with doctors and I disagree with almost everything they say. Like why do they insist that the only ointment to put on radiation burns is that Aquafor cream??? Its nothing but glorified vaseline and what is vaseline made of??? Petroleum! Very unhealthy! The only thing they didn't disagree with me on was the cannabis oil, they said that was ok. They told me to stop taking all of my healthy supplements & I used to be on a healthy plant based diet, now I just eat what I can keep down. I have gone back to work and I am so very grateful I am able to do that. Still have a lot of pain when pooping. Most of the burns have healed. I still think I'm going to wake up and this was a bad dream but here we are. I'm kickin cancers ugly ass. ;-)

Peace & love to everyone. Be strong, be brave and surround yourself with people who love you and make you laugh. ~Jan

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Sorry you had such unhelpful medical people! Try some aloe vera gel (used for sunburn) which is completely natural product...visit a good dermatologist if you need something a bit more high-powered. Hang in there! Your last sentence is excellent!
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I love your post! It seems we have a lot in common. I had identical side effects and my oncologist was quite pathetic with her lack of information but I had other doctors that compensated. I’m so glad you’ve completed treatment! I’m 3A also and we went full force as a result but I heavily debated other options including the RSO. I’m going in for a check up today, Im 20 months removed from treatment and doing very well! The weeks and months ahead will shock you with how much better you will feel. I still can’t believe this happened to me. Now that I have a lot of my hair back (mine was long to begin with) I feel even more like the old me. Take care Jan and stay in touch! 🤗
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Thanks for your post Kim, its always good to hear from people going through the same thing. Have you experienced any swelling in your feet since your treatments? I also have the pins & needles feeling all the time in my hands as well. Just curious. Take care of you. Good to know you are doing well. ~Jan
Jan, your post is inspirational. I especially love the peace and love part...there is far too little of that in existence today. Hang in there...healing is gradual, but it will happen. You’re on your way! Keep us posted about your progress!
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Your story was sounds very familiar!!! I was told the same things. They all happened to me also. And I kept telling my husband that if they tell me to put Aquaphor on one more time I was going to throw it at them! Lol. No matter what my complaint was their answer was use aquaphor!!! Ugh!!!! I will never look at that stuff again. I was under the impression that I would be back to normal a couple weeks after. Wow that was a rude awakening! I just hit my one year mark and got a clean scan. I feel way better now but still struggle with stuff. I’m not sure “normal” will ever be back. Hang in there. So glad your on your way to better days!
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Glad you are done with treatment and I hope you are healing well. Be patient, it will happen!
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Some doctors suck...but the treatment is over and I hope you feel better fast! Hang in there and thank you for sharing.
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Like u, I waited 6 mos before TX. Went vegan, juicing 5 lbs carrots plus green juice daily, exercised daily, RSO, meditation, stress management, homeopathy, IV vitamin C infusions.If it wasn't for pain, I would not have opted for chemo/radiation route because I was very scared. However, u completed treatment which to me is compared to a gladiator who survived death in the arena. Although u survived the battle, u were still injured which will take time to heal. I plan to continue with my lifestyle changes I made once I was diagnosed to hopefully prevent reoccurrence. In my case, the doctors were upfront about the side effects so I was psychologically prepared although I do think that they minimize long term effects of treatment because they really just don't really know because they only care about the survivor stats 5 years out. I keep on hearing "you are so young and healthy you will be fine!". My response was yes that's true and I would like to remain that way. It's a crap shoot to find a good team who takes your concerns into consideration. I hope that time will heal your troubles.
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The constant fear

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After reading blogs & doing a massive amount of research the treatments sounded barbaric and awful. I decided to take the diet and cannabis treatment road.

There is nothing positive about cancer drugs!

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Do research, as much as you can. Listen to others who have the same disease as you. Keep a positive attitude, count your blessings every day because there is always something to be thankful for!

July 27, 2018

I am going to the Dr for tests on May 7, 2018 and I am hoping for the news of the tumor being gone or much smaller. We shall see!

Had a dull ache in the bum area for a few weeks & it finally got bad enough I went to the Dr who recommended a colonoscopy & during the procedure they took a biopsy of the tumor they found. I was so shocked. It was unreal.


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